Satellite Technology

In remote areas the available wireless network coverage is often limited or not existing. Up to now the airtime cost for a satellite solution seemed to expensive. To enable communications a radio network was often the only reasonable way. With todays technology this has changed. Our powerful GreenGuard satellite terminals can be installed anywhere where you need remote control and monitoring?

Satellite communications becomes affordable

  • Worldwide network coverage
  • Bearable airtime cost
  • Reliable and save data transmission with no weather impact
  • Suitable for mobile and fixed applications
  • With GreenGuard you can reduce your costs associated with sending technicians to remote sites to check the status of infrastructure and equipment.

Applications for satellite technology 

Energy distribution
Distribution pole with disconnector or auto reclosure unit
Remote energy counter reading
Integration into existing SCADA system

Power generation
Reading run hours and engine status
Alarms and engine alerts
Remote start/stop and fault reset
Fuel tank level monitoring

Water management
Irrigation system
Dewatering pump
Remote control valves and gates
Water meter reading

Location and tracking of railway locomotives
Utility vehicles and trucks
Engine alerts
Reading run hours for service planning
Vibration and noise monitoring of railcars

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