Application Samples

The GreenGuard fleet management system offers a wide-range of monitoring, supervision and management functions that are essential for the effective and reliable operation of your fleet.

Project – Monitoring of gensets and rental equipment
Originally designed and developed to manage rental fleets consisting of gensets and construction equipment, GreenGuard enables users to maintain a perfect overview of their assets.

Key features

  • Utilisation & run hour reports
  • Control operating hours (contract)
  • Detect equipment misuse
  • Rent out contract management
  • Service planning and monitoring
  • Engine supervision & GPS tracking
  • Use of cost-effective RFID technology

Project – CHP plant management
GreenGuard is used to monitor and control the fleet of a German CHP plant builder. The system is integrated with the company’s ERP system to support pre-emptive maintenance planning and servicing of the fleet.

Key features

  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Clear trending for instant detection of system health
  • Supervision of vital operating parameters
  • Automatic upload of oil sample lab reports, with alerts on range violation
  • Secure remote access for service partners
  • Service report generator – create perfect site reports including spare part lists
  • Data link to ERP system – synchronise spare part list

Project – Shunter locomotive
A Swiss Railway company is using ID Mobile Logger on the Ameise, a TM243 shunter locomotive being used in an energy saving project. We have developed new protocol drivers for ECS-UNI and Heinzmann engine control units (ECU). Data is
sampled in 2 seconds interval from the ECU and analogue signal transducers for reporting and analysis purposes. The customer can optimize the on-board generator usage, as well as identify the energy saving potential with economic acceleration and deceleration of the train.

Project – Virtual power plant
The local utility of one of the larger cities of Australia is using GreenGuard for peak lopping. With GreenGuard they operate a fleet of about 80MW electrical power plants spread over the city supporting the network on neuralgic points.
Key features

  • Spot price feed from AEMO stock exchange
  • Automatic genset start on spot price level rules
  • NextG wireless communication
  • 7/24/365 operation

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